Patreon Goal Updates Now, Calendar Incoming

Hello everyone, I hope those of you in the US are having / have had a good holiday weekend! This morning I have a quick update about Patreon. We have kicked back the second dice set giveaway to $20 / month. We are currently at $14, when we hit $20 that will be 2 sets of dice given away to our Patrons. We have also added a $35/month goal (nice halfway point towards our $50/month goal) which will add a special extra Rant every month. This ill entail us taking suggestions from Patrons for a specific creation. We might do an NPC, a location, or an item and ask Patrons to hit us with some keyword / features. From there (without prep), the Untamed Scribe and I will spit ball and flesh out said creation. Then Patrons will get that recording and a write up of whatever was created.

As an additional note, I am working on scheduling out my projects and will be making a calendar. Like I have said before, it might not be perfect, but I want to get some more stuff out. I also want somewhere that Patrons, would be Patrons, and people waiting for specific products can go to find out when I will be trying to have them done. A production schedule that I can follow and keep you updated on.

Aside that, I will have another update either this evening or tomorrow as I get some work done and figure out some of the upcoming articles as well! As always, thank you for being here!

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