Delays, Coming Updates, And Calendars?

Hey everyone, as tweeted, I have a bit of an update for you. This past weekend was not at all like I expected. I knew family was coming up for a surprise for my father and that we would take my nephew to the zoo Monday. What I didn’t know is just how much would happen and (as a result) how little I would actually get done. Now here we are. To begin things I want to talk about this weekend. Here is what I am NOT doing:

  • running a game
  • getting an Untamed Dice episode up for non-patrons
  • working on Spells of Old (still)
  • finally getting any work done on Lemmings or my adventure
  • getting the Rant out on time

Now if you care about what i have said, or have any idea how much unlike what I had hoped to be doing this weekend, you know how bad this feels for me. However, there is a lot of good reason for it. Family is good reason people. So is productivity. Instead of focusing on what I haven’t done and what I hoped to do, I want to focus on what I can do. Yes I have said this a dozen times before. Yes it works better some times than others, but in the long term I think it is an upward trend. So here is what I AM going to do this weekend:

  • Make a calendar of events (I need to schedule some deadlines for myself)
  • set some initial, and feasible, deadlines for my own work like Spells of Old
  • play in a D&D game as a PC for the first time in….well….a while
  • get the illithid rant recorded
  • get Splinter episode 2 to patrons (no letting 1 week delay become 3!)
  • update our Patreon with some of our ideas and coming goals
  • post 2-3 updates about all of that here
  • write and work on what ever flows right over the long weekend
  • prepare for some cool stuff and getting my rear in gear during July

Some people say that you folks, the ethereal “audience”, don’t want to hear my complaints and excuses. That’s why I keep them to the minimum of just telling you why I didn’t write that thing I said I would. I used to do nothing, but that feel impersonal. You don’t need to know everything, but I follow creators that explain themselves and they get support and it feels good to support them. I hope that support helps them get back to the grind and make it feel worthwhile. It also reminds me not to feel bad about doing this. Maybe some of you would rather not hear that taking my nephew to the zoo and drinking all night Saturday is why I didn’t get stuff done. But maybe some of you will say, “hey I wouldn’t manage much either,” and that is all I hope for.

Regardless. Here is my plan, updated and ever-changing and ever-unfolding. You can look forward to a lot, it will take longer than I hope, but I will keep you updated!

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