Updates From The Bus!

OK, so I didn’t nearly get the writing done that I meant to over the past few days. Summer suddenly decided to descend upon us on full, disgusting, humidity laden wonder. Needless to say concentration was lacking. Tonight I am going to get a resources article out that I was planning for a few days ago and this weekend I hope to share a review with you and that will likely hit Friday or Saturday.

Last week I got Untamed Dice’s third TMNT episode out and you can expect the fourth and final episode of that one shot this weekend! Next week I’m skipping ahead a little and am going to share the first episode of the one shot I ran for the Splinter review.

There is also news to share about Patreon. We are discussing some tweaks and adds to goals. A second set of dice is currently set to be given away (monthly) once we hit $30/month, but this will probably move to a lower goal. Inserted in between our current two goals will be another which we are currently discussing as a special patron Rant.

Finally I just want to note that this month’s rant about Multiclassing will be out tomorrow!! 

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