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I meant to do this update yesterday, but here we are. This weekend Untamed Dice returned. Not only did you get the latest Untamed Rant, but the first TMNT episode came out. This coming weekend you can look forward to episode two and more to follow. Libris Monstrum and other articles have been making their way into regularity. I covered kaiju recently and have my own topic planned for next week’s entry to the series. Wandering Dev Diaries are continuing as an alternate to Libris Monstrum, as well. This Thursday I will be sharing some info into my adventure project I have been working on. It is coming along quite well and you will want to check it out, especially if you are interested in SCPs. If you do not know what those are, check back here Thursday. I also have another review for you coming this week! We got to try Splinter recently and am excited to share my review soon. I hope to have the actual play episodes up sooner than later as well. There is lots going on and life is moving at a million miles an hour, so while this isn’t as comprehensive as it could be you can be sure to stay tuned for more from the blog, more from the podcast, and more updates weekly(ish).

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