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Happy Monday everyone, today I have some updates for you from the weekend. One of the fun things we got to do this weekend was try out another indie game for Untamed Dice. Yesterday four of us player Splinter which was kindly sent to us by End Transmission Games. It was an awesome game with a fun setting. We really enjoyed playing and will likely revisit it for you guys in the future. You can check the game out here, but I will be writing a review in the coming week and the episodes will air soon(ish).

I am sure the question of Untamed Dice and where it is, remains on your minds. Today I have an answer. On the 6th I will have an episode out that patrons will get first. Next weekend, on the 13th, I will have another for patrons and this weeks will be released to the podcast. I cannot promise this will be TMNT. As I have mentioned our editing friend has been very busy and remains so through May. If he has started TMNT I will hold off releasing that and have something else. If he has not, I will take care of TMNT. Now this means I will be doing the full editing on some coming episodes. It won’t be the best editing you have ever heard, not as good as my friend’s, but I really want to get you episodes and I have had a little practice at this point and wanted to warn you.

If you are interested in our wristbands and don’t want to wait for a giveaway or become a patron, we have finally opened an Etsy shop. Buying them from the shop will help us earn some money to purchase more, get Untamed Dice bands, pins, buttons, and more.

Additionally, today Patrons got the Untamed Rant episode 8 and a few updates to our Patreon were posted. First off, since we have begun changing the format of how we record there won’t be session episodes. Since we would give $3/month patrons full session episodes, we are instead going to give episodes to them 1 week early. This will begin over the coming weekend. I also want to mention that when we hit $30/month we will have 2 dice giveaways monthly and when we hit $50/month we will add a book to the list of Patron giveaway items. Finally, anyone pledging $5/month will be getting complimentary copies of home brew supplements we produce.

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