Where’s Untamed Dice & Upcoming Releases

OK everyone, time for my weekly update! Over the weekend I got a lot of work done and have a bunch coming up. First off I managed to get my paladin oaths edited with some new formatting and a few grammar fixes. You can find those over on the DMs Guild (my favorite is the Oath of the Pilgrimage). I will get links up on the site as soon as possible. With the exception of the chimera supplement, that is all of my products updates this month. For now that one will go one hold as I work on getting some new stuff out for you. The first is the shortest and easiest: my trinket supplement. It is going to include a variety of sci-fi and pop culture trinkets for your D&D games. This will be available on DriveThru RPG as early as next week. For Patrons, the first draft of the cowboy cop will be up next month, as well as a preview of an adventure module I am working on.

If you are here wondering about Untamed Dice, I have my fingers crossed for this weekend but my friend has been working some overtime and paying jobs have to come first. Nevertheless, I am working on setting up episodes pre-edit to get to him so that when he slows down and we get episodes out they keep on coming.

As for articles, I have a couple planned for this week and a couple more for next week too. Keep an eye out for a poll on Twitter concerning the next Libris Monstrum!

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