More DMG Edits, Home Brew Material, & More

Quick post weekend update for you fine folks! First of all I have finished getting all the Resources For Every GM pages up. I may have mentioned that already, but if not, well, there you go. I have also laid out some of the framework for the home brew portion of the website and managed to get up the information on the Realm of Glass. You can check that out now and expect the other Realms to go up as I do write ups that are similar to that one. This weekend also saw some more updates to my DMs Guild products. You can now find those included on the product page, but they are the Paths To Power warlock patron supplement and the Ancient Sphinx patron. Each has been improved with minor changes to formatting and spelling/grammar corrections. Finally, I have also been making sure that we are on our way to getting Untamed Dice back and going strong. TMNT editing is well underway now and a new episode of Brave New Worlds is recorded. I hope to be bringing episodes back, starting this weekend, just don’t quote me on that as I want to have a number of them edited and ready for release before beginning.

Oh and tomorrow I think I am going to do a dev diary type post and finally discuss some of the other things taking up my time.

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