Atlazan…I Still Don’t Know

So, since I have moved over to running my site off of Blogger, I have been keeping an eye on the analytics to see where people are coming in from, especially since I haven’t been posting much. Fun fact: I am still getting links because of Atlazan from Magic the Gathering communities. This post is for you guys.

First off welcome to my new site and sorry I don’t have answers for you. The links you are clicking are probably meant to take you here, at my old site. Feel free to read up on that home brew D&D campaign world, but that is all it is. It isn’t spoilers or insider information from WotC, just an idea I came up with and a name I made up before that packaging image ever went out.

I did put a ticket into WotC in….January?…and got an escalation for it, but never heard anything back. With all of the work on this new site, I kind of forgot about it, but will be placing a new ticket with them this week. As I said before, I came up with the idea on my own. The name is similar to an old Meso-American city (I think) and most of you can tell the inspiration for it. I am sure the WotC designers had the same thoughts when they came up with it too.

When, and if, I know more I’ll let you know. If you came from the Magic community, please share this post.

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