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Psychopomps 0


In this months episode we talk about valkyrie and psychopomps. It’s not our best episode but we go over some of the cool creatures associated with the line between life and death.

Resources For Every GM: Characters Part 4 / Horror Part 6 0

Resources For Every GM: Characters Part 4 / Horror Part 6

Hello everyone! Today I have another double topic featuring three characters from classic horror movies that would make interesting monsters or villains for your campaign! Freddy Krueger Freddy comes from the Nightmare on Elm...

Resources For Every GM: Settings Part 5 0

Resources For Every GM: Settings Part 5

Today I have a bit of a different, light-hearted set of resources for you. These settings are chock full of inspirations as long as you are willing to look for them. Inspiration can be...

Sub-Class: Oni-Blooded Sorcerer 0

Sub-Class: Oni-Blooded Sorcerer

Hello everyone and welcome to another self-imposed challenge! When I had the Twitterverse vote on these, which feels like months ago, I was very happy that the Oni-Blooded sorcerer came out as one of...

Libris Monstrum #33: Genies Revisited 2

Libris Monstrum #33: Genies Revisited

Good evening everyone (or at least it’s evening right now). This article is a little late, as in: I’ve decided to delay the whole week by a day because I’ve been in a blarg...

Reskinning: Tieflings & Liches!!! 0

Reskinning: Tieflings & Liches!!!

Here we are friends, a little late but that’s okay!! Today we have a special double reskinning article (complete with me giving up on the hyphen because I don’t know if it was necessary...