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Plague Doctor Release!

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that the Plague Doctor is finally released in PDF form!! You can find it here on DriveThruRPG. Below are some preview images from the completed product, but...

Libris Monstrum #35: Kuo-toa Revisited 0

Libris Monstrum #35: Kuo-toa Revisited

Last time we visited the kuo-toa we talked about their changing existence throughout the history of D&D and their relationship to cosmic horror literature. Because they are D&D IP, other games must find or...

Review: Whispers From The Void 0

Review: Whispers From The Void

Hello all, today I have an adventure review from a publisher whose work I have looked at before (and really love!). The adventure Whispers from the Void is one which you can get for...