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Making Magic Eldritch! 0

Making Magic Eldritch!

Hello everyone! This week I released Lovecraftian Spells, a 5E supplement focusing on adding some cosmic horror to your spell lists. It has almost 30 new spells, guidelines for reskinning spells for your own...

Sub-Class: Oni-Blooded Sorcerer 0

Sub-Class: Oni-Blooded Sorcerer

Hello everyone and welcome to another self-imposed challenge! When I had the Twitterverse vote on these, which feels like months ago, I was very happy that the Oni-Blooded sorcerer came out as one of...

Sub-Class: Bard College of the Plague Doctor 0

Sub-Class: Bard College of the Plague Doctor

Okay everyone, I need to start today off by saying that this sub-class challenge has been just that: a challenge. Some of these come out better than others and all of them need a...