Blog Carnival

Blog Carnival

Every month the RPG Blog Alliance holds the Blog Carnival. This is an event meant to promote other bloggers to your readers by getting together and writing about a specific topic. Each month a different RPG blog hosts the carnival with a specific topic in mind. Other members then write about the topic and leave a comment on the host’s page that includes a link back to their post. At the end of the month the host compiles a list of all the write-ups for that month. It is a great way to get introduced to new blogs, new ideas, and collect a variety of ideas and opinions on specific topics. Below are my entries to the carnival and within each you can find a link back to the host’s blog!

April 2016: What’s The Use In Weather? (Mortaine’s Blog)

May 2016: At World’s End – Coming To A Close (Rising Phoenix Games)

June 2016: Archfey And Q…You… (Pitfalls & Pixies)

August 2016: Trinkets From Space! (Daemons & Deathrays)

January 2017: Prophecies & Omens (Tales of a GM)

February 2017: What Is An Encounter (Tabletop Terrors)

February 2017 Part 2: Encounters & Rewards (Tabletop Terrors)

July 2017: Angels & Demons (Daemons & Deathrays)

October 2017: Superstitions (Dice and Dragons)

November 2017: Revisiting Goldfish (Campaign Mastery)

December 2017: Literary Inspirations (Pitfalls & Pixies)

January 2018: Gaming On A Budget (Renaissance Gamer)