Notes of the Wandering Alchemist is a blog dedicated to sharing a passion of Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, and table-top role playing games in general. The blog began as a way to share the ideas of John Crowley, aka: the Wandering Alchemist, with the RPG community. This started in the summer of 2015 and quickly became something more. By 2016 the blog expanded and began to include the podcast that became Untamed Dice. As of March 2017 Notes of the Wandering Alchemist has its own domain and hosting and no plan of stopping. Here you can find an ever-growing set of posts and articles concerning RPGs with the goal of sharing our passion and experience with the rest of the community.

If you have any concerns, comments, or questions about Notes of the Wandering Alchemist or Untamed Dice please contact us here.


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